Elvira Bra Size, Hip Size & Body Measurements

Elvira, the iconic horror movie hostess, has captivated audiences for decades with her dark humor, gothic style, and of course, her enigmatic figure. Fans have long been curious about her bra size and other body measurements, seeking to unravel the mystery behind her alluring persona. In this article, we delve into the world of Elvira's body measurements, focusing on her bra size, hip size, and other fascinating details.

 Elvira's Bra Size

Elvira's bra size has been a subject of speculation and fascination among her fans. While the exact measurement remains a mystery, it is widely believed that she falls within the range of a voluptuous 36C to 38D. Her ample bosom has become an iconic symbol of her persona, accentuating her curves and adding to her allure.

To catch your eye, we boldly emphasize her bra size: 36C to 38D. It's no wonder that Elvira has become a symbol of beauty and confidence for many.

Elvira's Hip Size

Aside from her captivating bra size, Elvira's hip size is equally mesmerizing. Her hourglass figure is accentuated by her curvaceous hips, which are estimated to be around 40 to 42 inches. This hip size adds to her alluring silhouette, making her a true icon of beauty and sensuality.

Elvira's Body Measurements

For those who crave more details about Elvira's body measurements, here is a comprehensive breakdown:

MeasurementEstimated Size
Bust36C to 38D
Waist26 to 28 inches
Hips40 to 42 inches
Height5 feet 7 inches
WeightApproximately 130 pounds
Birth DateSeptember 17, 1951
Birth PlaceManhattan, Kansas
ProfessionActress, TV Hostess
EducationStudied theater arts at Kansas State University

Affairs and Relationships

Elvira's personal life has been kept relatively private, but rumors and speculation have swirled around her romantic relationships. While there is no concrete evidence to support any specific affairs, it is believed that she has had a few high-profile relationships throughout her career. However, Elvira has always maintained an air of mystery when it comes to her love life, leaving her fans to wonder about the secrets behind her captivating persona.

FAQs About Elvira

Q: Is Elvira her real name?

A: No, Elvira is a character portrayed by actress Cassandra Peterson.

Q: How tall is Elvira?

A: Elvira stands at approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Q: What is Elvira's birth date?

A: Elvira was born on September 17, 1951.

Q: Where was Elvira born?

A: Elvira was born in Manhattan, Kansas.

Q: What is Elvira's educational background?

A: Elvira studied theater arts at Kansas State University.

For more detailed information about Elvira's life and career, you can refer to her Wikipedia page.


Elvira's bra size, hip size, and overall body measurements have contributed to her iconic status as a symbol of beauty and sensuality. While her exact measurements may remain a mystery, her voluptuous figure and captivating persona continue to captivate audiences around the world. Whether you're a fan of her horror movie hosting or simply appreciate her unique style, Elvira's enigmatic body measurements add to the allure of this iconic actress.

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